While you want your home to be a welcoming environment for family and friends, some common habits might be inviting to criminals, too. But don’t worry, there are steps you can take to reduce your risk for burglary and property damage.

Make It a Point to Keep Everything Locked Up

You probably like your car and the front door to your house, right? Well your fence gates, garage doors or garden sheds should be no different. An unlocked gate gives a thief access to your backyard, out of plain view from your neighbors.
Access to your garage or shed also gives a thief more tools to break into your home. For example, a latter in your backyard makes for an easier entrance to the second story of your home – where windows are more likely to be unlocked.
Even if a thief is unable to get into your home, your backyard likely has valuable items such as a grill or bicycles.

Be Careful with Your Trash

Say you purchase a large flat-screen television. After unpacking you leave the box at the curb for recycling pickup. Most packaging for expensive electronics shows pictures, brand names and specifications of the products in plain view. Placing boxes at the curb makes your home a target for thieves looking for electronics to steal.
When unpacking new purchases, break down the boxes so they are small enough to fit inside your recycling bin.

Maintain Your Home’s Lawn and Landscape

Keep in mind that large, untrimmed shrubs and bushes can give criminals a place to hide—especially at night. Be sure to keep hedges and bushes cut back so that the majority of your yard can be easily seen from a number of vantage points. On the other hand, shrubs and bushes can deter theft as well. Thieves are less likely to attempt to break into windows with landscaping underneath. Small bushes can provide an obstruction to otherwise easily accessible windows.

Light Up Your Property

Lighting your home’s exterior with motion sensor lighting is a great idea. Because the lights are activated by movement, you don’t have to worry about lights staying on night and day. If you choose to install motion sensor lights, make sure they illuminate your backyard, the sides of your property, and driveways or pathways. When installing this type of lighting, the higher the light is mounted the better, so that criminals cannot reach the bulbs to unscrew them.

Consider a Security Alarm

From basic systems that sound off loud alerts to high-tech systems that allow for surveillance from a tablet or smart phone, there is likely a system that offers the best features  for your needs. In addition, picket signs and window or door decals from your security system company can deter criminals as well. Many homeowners and renters insurance policies offer discounts for homes armed with security systems.
Information from trustedchoice.com.