Even the most careful drivers get into accidents. That’s why car insurance was created. But your car can be damaged even if you’re not in an accident and that’s where comprehensive coverage on your auto policy comes into play. Comprehensive, also called “other than collision” coverage, is for damage caused to your vehicle by an “act of God.”
Liability insurance is required in the state of Wisconsin. However, comprehensive is an optional coverage on your auto policy. Contact your local Neckerman agent to find out if you have this coverage.
Here are 8 things you might not realize are covered by the comprehensive coverage in your auto policy:

  1. Disasters: Comprehensive auto insurance is truly comprehensive when it comes to disasters (hurricanes, tornadoes, volcano eruptions, earthquakes and floods are all covered).
  2. Fire, Even When Caused by a Car Defect: Non-crash fires are rare, but some are caused by electrical problems or a defective fuel system.
  3. Rodent Damage: Say a squirrel sneaks into your garage and chews through your car’s wiring systems. Your comprehensive auto policy may provide coverage.
  4. Hail, Trees, the Neighbor’s Baseball, even Meteorites! The coverage extends to almost any type of falling object.
  5. Riots and vandalism: If your car were get caught in the middle of a riot, any damage resulting from the event (being flipped, fire, smoke, etc.) would be covered.
  6. Deer, Birds, other Animal Contact: Say you travel to the Boundary Waters in Northern Minnesota and a bear breaks into your car. Yep, there’s coverage.
  7. Theft: According to the FBI, more than $4.3 billion was lost to vehicle theft in 2012. Yes, it can be a pain to lose your car to theft but at least it’d be covered.
  8. Broken Windshield: If a piece of gravel or other road debris cracks or shatters your windshield, this damage is covered by comprehensive coverage.

Check with your agent to find the best auto insurance policy for your needs.
Information from Insurance Information Institute.